RecruitingDash will help you win with Taleo Business Edition. generate 25%-50% more applicants.modernize your TBE Applicant Tracking System.update and enable all the new features. make your career website mobile friendly. improve your recruiting technology.

Practical, first-hand experience leading recruiting at some of the world's most noteworthy companies combined with world-class consulting and software development allows us to create breakthrough solutions.

World Leaders in TBE

It's all that we do, and we know Taleo Business Edition better than anyone else in the world.

Thought Leadership

We educate the Taleo Business Edition community on the global talent trends and changing landscape of today's talent acquisition environment, so all TBE users can win with Taleo.

Experience and Focus

We have enabled TBE mobile capabilities for more clients than any other consulting company in the world.

Not Just A Consulting Firm

We build our own technology to enhance Taleo. This means we have the technical know-how to solve virtually anything with Taleo Business Edition.

Real World Results

Having led recruiting operations at some of the world's fastest growing companies, we have been in your shoes. We know you need practical, real-world advice that delivers measurable results.

Quick Results

In the world of recruiting, we know that speed matters. Therefore, we work fast to solve your problems and deliver practical, real world solutions that just plain work.

No Risk

We know you'll love the support you get from RecruitingDash. But if you don't, cancel anytime. There is no long term commitment.

Satisfied Clients

We've done hundreds of engagements for TBE customers of all sizes, worldwide, in every industry.

You're Future-Proofed

We'll keep an eye on future capabilities that might be valuable for your situation, and work with you to implement them.

What Clients Say About RecruitingDash Taleo Support

RecruitingDash Has Deep Recruiting Experience

RecruitingDash founder Jason Warner has over two decades of corporate recruiting, talent management, and executive leadership experience at some of the world's fastest growing and most innovative companies such as Google and Starbucks.

At Google, Jason led the largest Recruiting and Learning and Development teams at the company and also supported the hyper-growth and people development needs of North America, Latin America and Asia for the Online Sales and Operations group, one of the fastest growing business units at Google. Prior to that, at Starbucks, Jason was the Director of North America Recruiting, responsible for all North America talent acquisition during the greatest growth years at the company.

Jason has been chronicled in the New York Times and featured in the National Best Selling book Mavericks at Work. He is a frequent writer for, and keynote speaker at leading Human Resources and Recruiting Industry Conferences such as ER Expo, The Recruiting Conference, Oracle Human Capital Users Group (OHUG), and Oracle's own HCM World as well as HCM and Taleo Webcasts.

Some Of Our
TBE Customers

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Support and Maintenance

We've received your request! We will follow up with you soon.

How does TBE Support work, exactly?

It's simple. You provide RecruitingDash with a user login to your TBE system. Then, whenever you have a Taleo question, reconfiguration, a need to train someone on TBE, or simply need help, you simply contact our dedicated support team who will guide you through a timely solution or industry best practice, up to 3 hours a month.

Why do I get only 3 hours of support per month?

We offer support packages starting at 3 hours a month because that seems to be the right amount of support for most of our customers.

With Taleo Business Edition, most customers don't need a full time, dedicated support person, but they do need help every month to answer questions, make small changes, train new staff, and keep the system running smoothly.

And all of our support team are experts in TBE… they work fast, and know all the best practices. It's a very efficient model.

What if I need more than 3 hours? Do the hours “roll over"?

If you need more time per month, it's no problem, we are here to help. We don't have “roll over” hours because it helps keep our costs and administration low. Give us a try - you will fall in love our TBE support services!

How do I file a ticket?

You don't! And won't! Ever. We promise!

We do TBE support the old fashioned way - with dedicated TBE experts on call, email or via chat (chat coming soon) to respond to any of your needs. All RecruitingDash TBE experts are located here in the United States and we pride ourselves on providing the best service anywhere.

We have been in your shoes! So we know that you when you have an issue, you just need it fixed fast! There are no tickets to file. No on-hold music. No red tape. Just answers, and plain old fashioned customer service, the way it ought to be.

Why do so many TBE users love TBE Support & Maintenance from RecruitingDash?

We hear it all the time: because it just works. In talent acquisition, you need results fast, and we deliver. Give us a try to find out! There's no risk, and no ongoing commitment. If you don't love our support, cancel anytime.